Crash: Com Error In QuickBooks is an error in QuickBooks that occurs when you send email through QuickBooks. This error happens as the synchronization fails with the Windows operating system. The QuickBooks crash error is a very common error and it can occur due to various reasons. Here in this article we will discuss those reasons and methods to resolve Crash: Com Error in QuickBooks. For more information you can contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-656-1012 and talk to our technicians.

What Are The Causes Of Crash: Com Error In QuickBooks?

The various reasons which are responsible for Crash: Com Error In QuickBooks are mentioned below:

  • Missing or Damaged Windows Components and MS-Office components.
  • There is a communication error between QuickBooks and Email Service or Client
  • The QuickBooks components are either missing or damaged.
  • A Trojan or a virus is creating an issue in the sync.
  • The important components or files in QuickBooks are destroyed by malware or virus.
  • Firewall or security application might be blocking the QuickBooks communication process

The above cause can easily be fixed by our team who can be reached on toll-free QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number  +1866-656-1012 anytime.

When Does Crash: Com Error In QuickBooks?

It is very significant to know that when does Crash: Com Error In QuickBooks. Below mentioned are the scenarios when this error occurs when:

  • Open invoices.
  • Emailing invoices.
  • Saving QuickBooks.
  • Doing an attachment.
  • Opening the check register.
  • Opening a report in QuickBooks.

How To Resolve Crash: Com Error in QuickBooks Desktop?

There are several methods which can rectify Crash: Com Error In QuickBooks. You follow the below methods step by step. For instant resolution from the error you can connect to QuickBooks Payroll Support.

Solution 1: Keep Your Microsoft Outlook Up To Date

  • Open Outlook and choose File and then choose Office Account
  • Select Update Options and then click Update Now.
  • Check to confirm that you no longer receive the Com Error.

Solution 2: Make Outlook As Default Mail App

  • Open Control Panel window on your system
  • Choose Default Programs and then click on Set Your Default Programs.
  • Open the Programs list and the select MS Outlook then click Set this program as default.
  • Click OK.

Solution 3: Add An Email Account to Microsoft Outlook

  • Choose the File menu in MS Outlook
  • Click Add Account to start the setup of email account.
  • Type the email address you want to add and then click Connect.
  • Wait for some time as Outlook needs to detect the right server setting automatically and then click Connect.
  • Type the login credentials for the email address and then choose OK.
  • Click OK to complete the email account setup.

Solution 4: Toggle Mail Settings

  • Open Control Panel on your system and the select Mail and then choose Microsoft Outlook.
  • From the Mail Setup window click Show Profile.
  • If always use this profile is pre-selected the click prompt for a profile to be used and then choose Apply.
  • Toggle the selection back to always use this profile and then click Apply.
  • Choose OK.

Solution 5: Create A New Outlook Email Profile

  • Close Microsoft Outlook in the system
  • Open Control Panel and then select Mail.
  • From the Mail Setup window select Show Profiles and then click Add.
  • Type a name to your profile and then click OK.
  • Add an email account in your profile by following on-screen instructions.
  • From Always use this profile dropdown select the newly created profile and then click Apply then OK.

This step will not delete the existing Outlook Profile.

Solution 6: Repair Office and Run Windows Update

You can run repair office and update your windows operating system to fix the issue

Solution 7: Run QuickBooks In Compatibility Mode

  • Close your QuickBooks application
  • Right-click on the QuickBooks icon and then choose Properties.
  • From the Compatibility, tab click Run this program in compatibility mode for
  • Choose Windows 7 from the drop-down.
  • Mark the option Run this program as an administrator.
  • Choose Apply and then click OK.

Solution 8: Add Windows Admin User

  • You need to make a new Window User with Admin rights
  • Restart Windows and then log in to the windows with the new user and the re-open QuickBooks.

Get Technical Support

If you follow the above solutions then the Crash: Com Error in QuickBooks will resolve very easily. For any type of technical help, you can dial toll-free QuickBooks Payroll Support Number +1866-656-1012. We have a team of experts technicians who resolve all types of QuickBooks issues on regular basis. You can call us anytime round the clock throughout the year for QuickBooks assistance.

Crash: Com Error In QuickBooks

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